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We provide all-encompassing solutions for storage, transport and distribution as well as equipment for petrochemical and chemical industries.

Our services:

Technological systems for liquid ammonia storage

Technological systems for liquid ammonia storage are comprised of:

storage tanks for anhydrous ammonia of any size.  The tanks are made out of stainless steel, electrically heated and include thermal insulation;

compressor units designated for ammonia vapours,

with Ex control switchgear and I&C;

a set of electric evaporators complete with fixtures;

reloading stations in accordance with RDR requirements in an explosion hazard zone, equipped with hermetic upper and lower unloading arms for liquid and gas phases. The arms are equipped with a nitrogen purge line, location sensors and safety fixtures, e.g. emergency breakaway couplers. The upper position together with retractable steps is equipped with an operator's safety basket and location sensors;

instrumentation and control devices which monitor flow, pressure and process temperature to ensure safe handling of ammonia.

Standard working parameters:

The equipment is selected and supplied in accordance with the given design requirements.

Liquid sulphur tanker loading facility with a measurement system and a service platform

Standard working parameters:


liquid sulphur

heating steam

working pressure:

3 bars

4 bars

design temperature



flow intensity


The subject-matter comprised modernization of a liquid sulphur top loading facility plus the construction of a new service platform, heating steam facility modernisation and installation of a measurement system with a mass flow meters and loading head, modernization and adjustment of the current electrical wiring system and I&C, connection to a current DCS system. The entire station was executed in accordance with the Transport Technical Supervision regulations and those applicable to NO devices.

The works included dismantling of the current liquid sulphur loading station which field to meet the current Transport Technical Supervision regulations.

The newly constructed system was to be compatible with those currently in-place (pumps, I&C, control, etc.). Therefore, the electrical wiring system of the new station was connected into the current facility electrical wiring system.

Loading facilities for top loading of tankers with liquid sulphur comprise:

a service platform with retractable stairs equipped with a safety cage;

pneumatic cut-off valve for the handled product;

upper sulphur loading arm or arms with a fumes extraction system, dome and tanker overfill sensor. The arms are steam or electrically heated, controlled pneumatically from the platform level or using a remote control on the loading cone;

I&C including: flow meters, pressure and temperature sensors, earthing controllers, etc.

measurement systems based on mass flow meters (with a heated housing) and electronic management systems based on the microlad controller;

double wall pipes facilitating continual product heating in the pipeline using heating steam together with specially made pipeline inspection hatches.

Rail tanker liquid fuel loading and unloading facilities

The facilities designed for unloading liquid fuels from rail tankers at reloading terminals and may be used in explosion / hazardous zones.

The facilities include:

hoses designed for liquid fuels, equipped with breakaway couplings and connectors for rail tankers. The hoses may be protected against damage using additional spiral shield;

parking meters, or devices for connectors which are not in use at the moment;

ball cut-off valves equipped with drives and couplers according to requirements;

I&C systems for liquid fuel distribution process control;

tanker earthing systems.

Basic specification of hoses designed for rail tanker unloading:

composite DN50-DN100 PN10 hoses, any length designed for liquid fuels, any connector type;

working NO device pressure: up to 10 bar;

DN50-DN100 emergency disconnect adaptor, CE rated;

DN50-DN100 PN16/40 dry disconnect couplings with a connector for a rail tanker, CE rated;

flange inspection glasses for visual substance monitoring;

standard operating temperature range for hoses, fittings and couplers

from -29°C to + 60°C.

The range for pressures and diameters for hoses, fittings and couplers is selected individually according to design requirements.

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