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What are cookies?

Cookie is an alphanumerical (text) file recorded on your computer when you visit our website (or updated – in case of your re-visit).

How do we use cookies in our website?

We do not collect or process any information allowing for personal data identification. Cookie files are used for statistical purposes (related to our website analytics) and to ensure proper operation of our website.

Can I disable cookies?

Yes, you can do it anytime by changing the cookies-related settings of your browser.

How can I disable cookies in individual browsers?

Google Chrome

Click on the menu (right upper corner), Settings > Advanced Settings. In “Privacy” section, click on “Content Settings”. In “Cookie files” section, you can change the following settings of cookie files:

Deletion of cookies

Default blocking of cookies

Default acceptance of cookies

Default storage of cookie files and webpage data when closing the browser

Determining exceptions for cookie files originating from specific websites or domains.

Internet Explorer

From browser’s menu (right upper corner): Tools > Internet Options . Privacy, Websites button. You can set the level using the slide, confirm by pressing OK.

Mozilla Firefox

From browser’s menu: Tools > Options . Privacy. Activate the field of Firefox: “user’s settings to be used”.

Checking – or not – the field “Accept Cookies” decide on the cookies.


From browser’s menu: Tools > Preferences > Advanced.

Checking – or not – the field “Accept Cookies” decide on the cookies.


From drop down Safari menu select Preferences and click Safety icon. Here you can choose security  level in the field “Accept cookie files".

Disabling or blocking the cookies may cause our website to work improperly. If your browser is set to accepting Cookies, it is understood that you have agreed  on using cookies by our website.

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