LPG road tanker equipment

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Flow meters

In the measuring systems of tanks and semi-trailers intended for LPG transport, one type of volumetric flow meter with 2 '' connections with a maximum capacity of 380 l / min is mainly used. The flow meter can be equipped with a mechanical recorder with a mechanical printer and various types of electronic heads.

Cable kinks

LPG hose reels come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. The most popular models are cable reels with a diameter of 32 mm and a length of 30 or 50 meters. The reels can be driven manually, by an air motor or by a hydraulic motor. A swivel joint is delivered with the reel.

Level indicators

The magnetic level gauges are used to measure the filling level of the transport tank and are equipped with a vibration compensation system. These level gauges are most often mounted on the side of the transport tank and are available for any internal diameter of the tank.

LPG pumps

Vane displacement pumps are used in tanks and semi-trailers for the transport of LPG.


Hydraulic oil cooling kit for road tankers.

Rotary joints

Swivel couplings are used for the hose reels and in front of the pouring gun to facilitate maneuvering the hose.

Hose valve

The hose valve is used to connect the LPG line to the filling valve on the tank. The rotating tip of the gun facilitates this process. The gun is equipped with a shut-off valve function.

Adapters, plugs and accessories

We offer a wide range of standard adapters, tips and plugs. We also provide custom adapters made for the customer's order according to his indications. Our offer also includes a universal wrench for unscrewing ACME plugs in sizes 2¼ ", 3¼" and 4¼ ".

LPG lines

The standard cable used in tanks and semi-trailers for the transport of LPG equipped with a measuring system is a cable with a diameter of 32 mm and a length of 30 to 50 mb with 1¼'' MNPT and 1' MNPT terminals. In addition to the standard pipe described above, our company provides complete pipes in any configuration of diameter, length, fittings and additional equipment such as ball valves, hydrostatic valves, relief valves, adapters, sight glasses and breakaway couplings.

Other valves and accessories used in the distribution systems of tanks and semi-trailers for LPG transport

Important elements of the construction of tanks and semi-trailers for LPG transport are also:

    li> hydrostatic valves,
  • drain valves,
  • adapter for globe valve,
  • valve head,
  • flanged ball valves, < / li>
  • small diameter threaded shut-off valves,
  • pressure gauges,
  • thermometers,
  • pressure relief valves,
  • muffs and stub pipes.