LPG flow meters

Aurex offers a wide range of LPG volumetric flow meters in various configurations depending on the customer's needs.

The complete flow meter consists of a gas phase separator, filter, non-return valve, measuring chamber, drive transmission system to the recorder or electronic head, recorder or electronic head, and a differential valve.

Flow meters equipped with an electronic head can perform the function of a dose adjuster and temperature compensation. They can also be connected to LPG supply management systems.

The devices offered by our company are available in the following capacities:

  • MA5 (maximum capacity 227 l / min)
  • MA7 (maximum capacity 380 l / min)
  • MA15 (maximum capacity 750 l / min)
  • MSA30 (max capacity 1,325 l / min)
  • MSA75 (max capacity 2,650 l / min)
  • MSA120 (max capacity 3,785 l / min)

Measuring system with a mass flow meter

A measuring unit with a mass flow meter is used to measure pressurized liquefied gases (propane butane).
It has been designed as a complete measuring system adapted for installation on road tankers for LPG gas transport.

The mass flow meter measures the mass, density and temperature of the product.

One of the biggest advantages of mass flow meters is the lack of moving parts, thanks to which the service costs are much lower and the durability is much longer than that of the traditional flow meters. The measuring system is characterized by high accuracy and the principle of operation of the Coriolis mass flowmeter ensures independent measurement from the physical properties of the product.

Flow meters for other media

Flow meters are also available for many other media used in the food, chemical and other industries.

Please contact our company to determine the appropriate type of flowmeter for a given medium.