The evaporator allows constant passage of the LPG gas phase. Aurex offers various types of evaporators, from low power domestic evaporators (basic electric network powered) to industrial evaporators up to 9,000 kg / hr. The evaporation of the liquid phase takes place by taking electricity, heat from water or thermal energy from LPG.

Zimmer Evaporators

One of the few models of evaporators intended for home use. Durability, ease of use and low cost of purchase and the usage are the main reasons for the popularity of this evaporator all over the world.

Capacity: up to 40 kg / hour

Direct-Fired type evaporators

They ensure complete independence from external energy sources. There is LPG - and that's enough. Evaporation takes place by the means of LPG-powered burners.

Four models: with a capacity of 80 kg / h, 120 kg / h, 160 kg / h. and 240 kg / h

XP series electric evaporators

Dry electric evaporators. High durability and efficiency.
Easy use.

Productivity: from 25 to 160 kg / hour

Catalytic evaporators
Second Sun

Flameless catalytic evaporators.
Mounted on the side of the tank.